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When it comes to domestic building services in Belfast, we have the knowledge and experience to make any project a success. With over thirty years in the industry, we can offer incredible workmanship, a high-quality finish, and a personal service to all our clients. Our expertise in a variety of areas makes us a popular choice for those wishing to add value to their home in Belfast and the surrounding areas.


We can carry out a wide variety of general building services, tailored to your individual needs. No task is too large or small for Restorations NI and we can provide expert advice and consultation on matters such as brickwork repairs, roofing, home extensions, renovations, and refurbishments. We are based in Belfast and offer our great value building services to clients throughout Northern Ireland.


Our motto is, why move when you can improve? If your house no longer meets your current needs, you don’t have to hop back onto the property market – why not consider some high-quality building alterations? If you find yourself in need of a little extra space, we can create conversions, house extensions, and more that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.


Are you thinking of redesigning your property or wanting to restore it back to its former glory? Make Restoration NI your first choice today. Our experienced in-home renovation will help you with a host of services for example a complete property redesign including interior and exterior, home refurbishment and bespoke property extensions. 


Restoration Specialists

Restorations NI is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are a family run business, with over 20 years of experience in property restorations and renovations. From new builds to conversions, we offer a wide range of services to suit your requirements. Our prices are affordable and we don’t compromise on the quality of our work.

Restoration Professionals

With experience working on a wide range of restorations projects you can count on Restorations NI. Specialising in complete property restorations from top to bottom. We use a mixture of contemporary and traditional materials and as our business name suggests we go to great lengths to preserve the original features and charm of the property

Competitive Pricing 

Restoration NI aim to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, our team are dedicated to provide the best quality property restorations at an affordable price. Our comprehensive restoration service offers you complete support from design to competition.  Call us to find out more

Taking the hassle out of Home Restoration

Restoration NI is a one stop shop for all your restoration needs - taking the hassle out of home renovation!

If you are looking for a one stop solution for construction renovation and property maintenance providing a personal, friendly, reliable and trustworthy service we believe we are the right choice for you. Restorations NI is a construction company that provides many renovation and remodelling services to both domestic and commercial Customers. We are committed to meeting the needs of our Customers. Thus, a high percentage of our business is from repeat orders and referrals.

The business was established in 1987 based on providing a professional construction solution to our Customers. This includes house renovation, property extensions e.g. kitchen renovation projects, refurbishments of existing properties, office fit outs, roofing projects and general property maintenance.

We pride ourselves on finding solutions to problems our Customers’ are having with their properties no matter how small or complex the issue is.

In our opinion all our Customers deserved the same level of service and attention no matter how small or large the job is. All work is carried out by our qualified professional workforce and we will work to any timescale and any budget.

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by 14 Nov, 2016

Loft conversions can be quite complicated and careful consideration is required.

We can assist with attic ideas and build service or a construction service if you already have your own designer.

From a practical point of view there are a number of loft ideas that must be considered when converting the attic area.

The first thing to decide is whether or not the space will be used only for storage or for living space.

Not all attics are suitable however for conversion.

Consider the following tips when adding habitable space in the attic. Habitable space is defined as being a room used for living or sleeping purposes.

Headroom:   There should be enough headroom available to enable a person to stand comfortably within the attic space. When deciding on head space ensure that you allow for increased depth of joists under foot that will be necessary should the floor require strengthening?

Existing Services:   Normally services are located in the attic space such as circulation pipes and water storage tanks. Relocating these services may be difficult and expensive.

Stairs:   When considering stairs, always remember that a stairway takes up a large space and the regulations governing stairways are quite strict. If there is not enough space on the floor below the attic you may need to sacrifice a bedroom or part there off to accommodate the new stairwell.

Fire Regulations:   Adding a habitable space in the attic adds an additional storey to the building, as a result the fire regulations become stricter as escape from the house becomes more problematic.

Permissions:   In Northern Ireland all roof space conversions are subject to approval from Building Control. The main duty of Building Control is to ensure that works are carried out to the minimum legal standard. Works undertaken without Building Control approval may give rise to difficulties in a future sale of the property as the changes will be highlighted during the conveyancing process.

by 14 Nov, 2016

By adding additional living space to your home come could add to its market value.

We can provide a design and build service that includes obtaining all statutory approvals or a build only service if you already have your own designer.

We have the capacity for any size of residential extension project to suit all budgets from small kitchen, bathroom or bedroom extension up to complete house restorations.

Having works carried out to your home can be very disruptive and inconvenient to normal day to day activity. We will work with you during the project to minimise the disruption to your home especially if you plan to occupy the property during the construction phase. We will work with you to develop an acceptable plan of works that meets with your needs. Our personnel will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. Our aim is to build a relationship with you to ensure a smooth working environment during the building works.

by 14 Nov, 2016

What does planning mean. It means having the work carried out in the correct order (nothing left out) and having the right trade’s person together with the appropriate materials on site at the correct time resulting in a smooth operation of the works.

We have undertaken many refurbishment projects over the years particularly kitchen refurbishment projects and we believe we have the planning and execution process down to a fine art.

As a property owner your main goal is to keep your property is good operation condition. If it requires refurbishment then you need a contractor that will produce a service that is within your budget and agreed time frame. In addition you want the work carried in a professional manor and without any hassle.

We at Restorations Ni can offer such a service.

We not only offer full refurbishment construction phase services but also full turnkey home improvements design and build service. If you are at the start of your project and do not have designs or statutory approvals we can provide this service. Our home renovation design team have over 30 year’s experience in the construction industry. Architectural design includes a full design package of drawings and works schedules. Moreover statutory approvals can be sought prior to the construction phase.

by 14 Nov, 2016

Restorations NI use a mixture of contemporary and traditional materials and as our business name suggests we go to great lengths to preserve the original features and charm of the property where possible.

Although it’s vitally important to retain the original features of the property we will adopt modern materials and techniques that can provide practical solutions to long standing issues within the property such as damp ingress.

If required we can provide a full design/ remodeling service including structural stability in accordance with the statutory requirements.

Our team enjoy taking on restoration projects. Entering a property that is in a dilapidated state, work carefully on it for a period of time and then hand it back in pristine condition to modern standards. We will always do this work on time and to the agreed budget.

by 14 Nov, 2016

Roof tiles can become damage or can crack over time allowing water to ingress. If you notice any cracked or broken tiles it’s important that remedial action is taken without delay to make repairs.

It should be noted that damage or hair line cracks to roof tiles are not always visible from the ground. Interlocking concrete type roof tiles are constructed with water dispersing channels between the tile joints. The section of the tile at the joints can crack causing leaks and again the damage may not be visible from the ground. Regular inspection is essential of the roof covering.

Restorations NI offer a full repair service and no job is too small. We provide roofing repair services from single tile replacement, occasional general maintenance up to complete re-roofing projects of concrete interlocking type roof coverings as required. This includes the rebedding and or repointing of ridge and hip tiles. We have over 30 years’ experience with the current owner being the third generation family member to join the business.

We believe we offer a top quality service only using quality roofing products and competitively priced. All our work is fully guaranteed and health and safety is a major priority for when working at heights.

We offer a free initial consultation followed by a no obligation quotation. We will discuss at length how we go about the works prior to commencement to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum during any reroofing project.

by 14 Nov, 2016

Repairs can be carried by inserting new slates held in place with lead straps. These repairs can be unsightly however nonetheless it is a tried and tested method for repairs to slate covered roofs. We can provide slate roof slate repair services as a holding measure prolonging the life of your roof.

If your roof is beyond repair then reroofing will be inevitable. Two options are possible as follows:

Option 1 – Using Salvage Slates

1. Carefully strip the exist slate roof and salvage those slates that are suitable for reuse
2. If the roof is in poor condition then the salvage of some of the slates may not possible
3. Reslating using a mixture of salvage slates and bought in second hand slates of a similar type and size

Option 2 – Using New Slates

1. Reslating using new slates throughout

The use of salvaged and second hand slates will be cost effective however with a shorter life span. Using brand new slates will obviously provide a longer life before the roof needs replacing again.

Careful considerations of the type of slate used in the reroofing will depend on the circumstances on-site. For example a mid-terrace will require slates in keeping with the neighbouring properties. In conservations area the type of slate used may be governed by local planning rules.

by 14 Nov, 2016

The installation of roof windows (or roof lights) will allow light to flood into the space within. Light from rooflights can be of higher quality than light delivered via vertical windows in walls.

Therefore if you have a sloping ceiling within your room and you wish for more light then consider a roof skylight rather than punching a hole through a wall for a standard window. Installing a roof window is easier with the minimal of damage and disruption.

Why Roof Lights

Roof windows are a great way of providing additional natural light to a space within. Roof windows are the perfect choice where conventional vertical windows cannot be installed or if there are planning issues. Quite often roof windows are installed in attic conversations.

Roof windows from the outside have a low profile, unobtrusive and therefore fit in well with the character of the building. Compare this to dormer windows which can be quite ugly, the roof requires strengthening and will probably require planning permission. Roof lights may not always require planning permission.

by 14 Nov, 2016

We offer a full flashings service either to new roof structures or replacement of existing flashings.

Lead flashings are used on your roof where chimneys protrude through the roof slope, changes in roof levels and changes in roof direction e.g. at a bay window.

Lead flashings will perish over time either through splitting or sometimes they become dislodged and fall out of place causing water ingress. A tell tail sign of failed flashings is water staining internally to ceilings.

It is good practice to have roof flashings check periodically to ensure water tightness.

We offer specialist services for ornate or decorative features using lead with many years’ experience on listed and period type properties. We still use traditional lead work techniques to achieve the best results.

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